Italian Wedding Soup Recipe

Italian Wedding Soup vegetarian recipes for people.

Ingredients for Italian Wedding Soup

2 cans chickpeas (15.5 oz)
1/2 cup flour
garlic powder, basil, parsley, rosemary, oregano, all to taste
olive oil for frying
2 cans vegetable broth + 2 cans water
1 white onion
4 cloves garlic
olive oil for frying
head of escarole
1/4 cup acini di pepe (or other small pasta)
basil, parsley, rosemary, oregano, salt, pepper, all to taste

Italian Wedding Soup, How to Make

In a food processor, mix the first grouping of ingredients until you can form balls. Make balls that are really small. If you’ve had this soup before you should have an idea, if not, I’d say they’re probably an inch in diameter. Pan fry the balls and set aside (baking or broiling would work too). You could also buy vegan meatballs, but you would need mini ones
Saute the onions and garlic until the onion are transluscent. Add broth, water, and herbs. Bring this to a boil, then add the pasta and escarole. Once the escarole has cooked down, add the “meat”balls. Lower heat and simmer.
This would also be really easy to move to a crockpot if you wanted to bring it somewhere, or just have on all day and not worry about.

Additional info forĀ Italian Wedding Soup

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